Trying Out Morning Pages #SOLC18

Many in our growing tribe of writers have referred to Morning Pages. This term was new for me, so I followed their lead, read Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write, and here we go. This morning was my first morning to try the pages. I wrote all three longhand, as you do, and then, after reflecting on the process, decided to type, edit just a bit, and slice. You don’t usually share your Morning Pages, but I’m relatively new to writing daily and I think the process and journey are fascinating enough to share just this once. Please forgive me, purists. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 9.43.49 AM

I’m tired on this Saturday morning. It’s 7:00 AM and I’m just sitting down to begin my weekend routine. This is late for me because my husband and I were out later than usual last night at a celebration in the school district where I teach. We arrived home at 9:30 PM and were tucked in by 10:00 PM, but read until 10:30 PM. While in theory this isn’t THAT late, when you are used to getting home by 6:00 PM and having time to settle in and wind down after a long week, it’s late.

So here I sit on the blue couch in the living room next to my husband. He has already dived into his Saturday morning routine of reading and writing. He’s got a book, laptop, and a notepad all going at the same time. He’s writing a book in his spare (hah!) time, and today got started at 6:30 AM. That’s late for him. He is usually up and reading — just reading — by 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM at the latest, but he was a terrifically supportive husband and came to the school celebration with me last night. In the summer months, when the weather is warm, you can find him as early as 4:00 AM on the porch reading. He loves 4:00 AM, and was actually just telling the husband of a colleague we met at the party last night (who is also writing a book in his spare time) about the virtues of 4:00 AM. 3:00 AM is still nighttime, and 5:00 AM brings the sounds of the world beginning to get going — cars, trucks, etc. At 4:00 AM all you hear is the dawn chorus growing gradually and a few other nocturnal creatures stirring. I never join him at 4:00 AM, but occasionally at 5:00 AM, if we’ve had an early night. But it’s usually closer to 6:00 AM. I try to start with reading and then a bit of writing, usually with Teach Write’s wonderfully prompts that arrive dutifully in my email in-box every morning. I am trying very hard not to start with my laptop or tablet. I know there are emails in my in-box, blog posts to read and comment on, and social media feeds to scroll through — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — and always in that order. It’s my routine and I’m not sure why I stick with that order, other than that’s the order in which they came into my life — email, then Facebook, then Twitter, and finally Instagram. I find if I start with technology-based activities, I easily fall down the internet’s seductive rabbit hole, and before I know it, the clock says I’ve run out of “me time” and I’ve got to get going with errands, chores, and life. So for now here I sit with notebook, pen, mug of coffee, and blank pages waiting to be filled.


This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my second year of Slicing in the challenge. (If you want to take a peek at the Padlet of writing ideas I’ve created, I’m happy to share. Click here! It grows every day.)




7 thoughts on “Trying Out Morning Pages #SOLC18

  1. Your articulation about your writing process was extremely helpful for me. I loved the images of your husband and you reading and writing. Thank you for the links to the Morning Writing routine. I am a writer in journals and online. It’s healthy to think about how we move in between and our intentions in each place. I will be coming back to this post to do more investigating about the process and routine others have been developing. I hope you don’t mind if I get back to you with questions as I am continuing to troubleshoot making daily writing a regular part of my day, especially as I move from my school year into summer. Great thoughts, great process!


  2. I shared a link to Julia Cameron talking about morning pages in my post today (though I actually liked this article by a guy who does morning pages better: I’m with you on needing to keep the laptop closed for awhile in the mornings–if I don’t read and write first thing, I often don’t get to it at all. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to continue daily writing once March is over, but I know I want to do something.

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  3. Thank you for letting me squish into the couch between you and your husband to follow your morning routine. I really love this line:
    “At 4:00 AM all you hear is the dawn chorus growing gradually and a few other nocturnal creatures stirring.”
    So much so, that maybe this summer, or later in the spring, I will entertain giving it a try.
    It is so true that if the first thing we do upon waking up is resorting to “checking” various social media outlets using technology, our time gets eaten up in the blink of an eye. It’s so hard to refrain from checking though, isn’t it?


  4. The quiet of 4 AM and 5 Am is my feeling at night.

    Unfortunately then I have to pay next morning.

    My husband & I used to have coffee dates each morning at 5:30 – 6:30 in another life. we would sit on our little porch and sip coffee, talk or just sit quietly ext to each other & connect. Kids know if they wake up early, they should remain in bed till 6 & read or dream.

    Your post is giving me the nudge to start it again.

    Thank you.

    Best wishes.



  5. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been trying my best to write my morning pages every day and then reflect at night by writing in the evening too. It happens to be a wonderful way to end my day. As weird as it may seem, I like to go back and read what I wrote several months ago. Keep it up, you’re off to a great start.


      1. Weekdays I write by minutes not pages. I give myself 10 minutes and I always crank out at least one page. I look at it as one page is better than none. Do what works for you.


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