Kicking a clunker down the road #PoetryFriday

It’s Poetry Friday and Linda Mitchell is our hostess this week for the poetry roundup on her blog, A Word Edgewise. Perhaps you’ll join us?

Linda’s giving away clunkers — lines, thoughts and bits of poems — discarded or abandoned from her writing journals. Do any interest you? One drew me in — “As she walks the road…” It’s my first day of summer vacation, so I thought I’ll let it simmer for a bit and see what, if anything, would happen

His call as she walks the road .png

I adore northern cardinals, and it seems I’m a bit of a cardinal magnet lately. One has been visiting me outside my classroom every afternoon this week, his familiar chip chip chip flowing in and out of my open window. And then, as I returned home today, I was visited by yet another cardinal. Has he followed me home?

And now for my clunker. I’m giving away “Do you think they talk?” I’m working on something with that as the opening line, but it’s not ready…yet. I’d love to see what someone else does with it, too!

Thanks for hosting this week, Linda. Bring on the poetry!











8 thoughts on “Kicking a clunker down the road #PoetryFriday

  1. Oh, I love “Do you think they talk?” I will take that gem and do something! Thanks. And, I’m so glad you stopped by today. I understand how difficult and brain dead one can be the day after the last day of school. It’s taken me a long time to begin to recover this year. Of COURSE you’re a cardinal magnet. No one would be more so than you. Now, I’ll think of you every time I see them–which is a lot in VA.

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  2. I love what you have done with this line. I love cardinals!
    I’ve collected,I retrieve these things from my future, because it grabbed me. I’m not sure where it will take me, but the lines hum for me. I’m still searching for a clunker to share!

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  3. Cardinals are so beautiful, Christie. I was excited when I spotted one on New Year’s Day. Someone said that they come calling on that day to greet the New Year. Do you know if that is true? Let me know when your poem goes beyond the draft stage so I can capture it for a gallery of mine.


  4. You’ve written a beautiful poem with one of Linda’s clunkers. They weren’t so much clunkers as they are poetic gifts.


  5. “As she walks the road” is such an inviting line, and I love where it took you. We have a pair of cardinals hanging around our yard this year, and they do draw me in, “time and time again.” I’m sure they must have a nest somewhere, but I can’t figure out where. “Do you think they talk?” is so intriguing! Can’t wait to read your poem!


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