Afternoon at Fairyland #PoetryFriday

It’s Poetry Friday and the uber-talented Molly Hogan is our hostess this week for the poetry roundup on her blog, Nix the Comfort Zone. Perhaps you’ll join us? Molly’s sharing a sweet poem she wrote using a found title. Don’t miss it. It’s out of this world! (Pun very much intended!) Lastly, the literary world lost two giants this week — Toni Morrison and now Lee Bennett Hopkins. The lights in the Milky Way will dim for now, but perhaps shine brighter? That’s my hope, at least.

Next week it’s my turn to host. I’ve thrown out a tree-related theme if you’d care to tag along.


My offering this week is a draft of a small poetic moment from my afternoon at Fairyland Pond, a spot I retreat to often in nearby Concord, Massachusetts. It was a favorite of Thoreau’s and is for me, too. When I first arrived, all was quiet, but then things began to change. A note on the form the poem takes. I, like many of you, enjoy a daily dose of poetry on Tracy K. Smith’s podcast The Slowdown. I’ve noticed that many of the poems she features are narrative in form, almost storylike. I thought I’d take the form for a test drive. Join me!

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 6.49.10 AM

C0BBCFD8-078C-41C7-A8EE-B41A1A323F3BThanks for hosting this week, Molly. Bring on the poetry!











9 thoughts on “Afternoon at Fairyland #PoetryFriday

  1. I love this, Christie. It reminds me of my almost-daily walks. I try to notice every sound and take in each image. As you’ve captured in this poem, there is so much beautiful life outside our doors. We just need to pay attention.


  2. Oh, Christie! What a delight….from “first auditory glance to Cowabunga!” Your exuberance has made me giggle. I’m in deep thought about trees for next week. What a great challenge!


  3. You are fortunate indeed to be able to visit ‘Fairyland’ often, Christie. Our cicadas have begun their nightly ringing so I know autumn is coming. I love the “Cowabunga”, your patience to wait for more.


  4. I love this! All the sounds in your poem had me sitting and imagining there beside you. And I’m a little jealous that you can haunt where Thoreau used to hang out. How cool!


  5. What a glorious poem and place, thanks for taking me there, I love ponds and “Fairyland” pond sounds and looks enchanting! I’m teaching a plein air class that meets at the Caldwell Lily pool, which is a pond connected with the Lincoln park conservatory in Chicago. It’s a favorite location and class of mine–also


  6. Christie, your first photo is so lovely that it invited me in. The product of my imagined wonderings will be shared when you host Poetry Friday this week. I would like to include your photo in my Embraceable Summer Gallery collection and your poem when you deem it ready. The poem set the stage for an afternoon of sensory delight. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Fairyland Pond.


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