NPM #ThoreaulyInspired Wrap Up and Kindergarten Cardinal Haiku #PoetryFriday

Happy May Day, everyone! Elizabeth Steinglass is hosting this week’s gathering on her blog.  Won’t you join us there? If you are new to Poetry Friday and are ever wondering where to find the weekly host of Poetry Friday, you’ll find a list of hosts and their blog links here.

I absolutely loved National Poetry Month and my #ThoreaulyInspired project, but I’m pooped! Writing a poem draft a day is a labor of love, indeed. Here’s a Padlet of the poems that I either created from scratch or revisited and revised from the past. I do feel more connected to not only Thoreau but the changing world around me.

Made with Padlet

I also wanted to share some sweet haiku that several of my Kindergarteners chose to write on National Haiku Day last month. I shared a line with them during a ZOOM session and here’s what they added. Not bad for their first haiku!

cardinal haiku

So now it’s May, National Notebooking Month, and I’m looking forward to lots of scribbling about whatever comes my way.


Thanks to Elizabeth for hosting this week’s celebration! Happy Friday, all, and be safe and well.



19 thoughts on “NPM #ThoreaulyInspired Wrap Up and Kindergarten Cardinal Haiku #PoetryFriday

  1. I think those are some pretty awesome KDG haiku!! Kudos to your kids!
    I now will have some time to try to catch up. I am going to choose two blogs and go through them during the rest of the year so I can interact even if I missed it during April. Too much poetic gold to miss out on!! So you may see more of me. I had no idea it was notebook month. Yay !!

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    1. Not bad for their first attempt. I’m going to give them more poetry challenges during our final 8 weeks online. They are up for it, and I truly believe in fighting the “poetry is for April” mindset. Notebook on!


  2. Hooray! You’ve finished. I finished too…and just printed out my efforts for my first ever attempt at making May revision month. I’ve never enjoyed revision or felt the love of it as has been described by others. But, I’m going to give it a go. I loved your idea and how your poems have been short, sweet and accessible for our younger poets. Red Cardinal Feathers is wonderful!

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  3. I love your K’ers cardinal haiku! I’ve also done haiku with students this way–offering them a first line. It seems to work quite well. Congratulations on your NPM project!

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  4. Kudos to you for all the good writing you did during NPM! Such a great project; thanks for rounding up all the poems here for us to savor. And thanks for sharing the red cardinal poems by the kiddos. Nice work!

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  5. Charming haiku! Cardinals do look especially nice in the snow, don’t they? I like the activeness of “let’s go look for some.” Congrats on successfully completing your National Poetry Month project!! Daily poems are TOUGH. Enjoy your notebooking!

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  6. WowWowWow! What an accomplishment, Christie. Well done! Well done to your Kinders too. Those poems are terrfic!

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  7. I bet you are exhausted! But look what you have done! I haven’t read Thoreau in a long time, but I remember that I loved his writing. Perhaps I’ll revisit it. Thanks for this brave and colorful post!

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