More Poem-ish Pieces #PoetryFriday #NatureNurtures2020 #PoemsOfPresence

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone! Mary Lee Hahn is hosting this week’s gathering on her blog, A Year of Reading. Won’t you join us there? Mary Lee has a wonderful intro to the work of poet Marilyn Chin. Mary Lee is prepping for a conversation she’ll be facilitating with her soon. I’m signing up. How about you? 

If you are new to Poetry Friday (I’m looking at you, Teach Write friends!) and are ever wondering where to find the weekly host of the roundup, you’ll find a list of hosts and their blog links here.

Here is my own personal round-up of #poemsofpresence for the week. What a fun challenge this was! Many thanks to Michelle for hosting at Today’s Little Ditty and Margaret for masterminding this challenge! All four of my poems were inspired by moments in or around my garden and farmer’s porch (a.k.a. our summer living room).

farmer's porch perfume counter

Why is it

the scribbled note

hostile takeover

Many thanks to Mary Lee for hosting the roundup this week. Be well, friends!



Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 12.34.21 PM





9 thoughts on “More Poem-ish Pieces #PoetryFriday #NatureNurtures2020 #PoemsOfPresence

  1. Like Catherine, I would like to respond to your lovely first poem. Certain parts of our neighborhood air have been scented by the blossoming trees. As I turn corners, I can smell the perfumed air even while wearing the mask. All your poems are soothing and make me feel the wonder of spring. Thank you, Christie.

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  2. You’ve filled our senses with so many wonderful poems of presence this month, Christie. Thank you for all the shares on the padlet. It’s been a joy writing with you!

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  3. Beautiful images to go with your exquisite poems! I love them all…but especially the clematis taking up the canes black raspberries rejected! Something about that word image… those renegade raspberries!

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  4. Christie,
    These are so lovely. And your photos. I need to do this! What kind of camera do you use? Just curious. I love the Forget -me-nots poem and also your summer living room and garden. I also have been reveling in the morning chorus of late. Your small moments of presence are a delight to eyes, ears, mind and heart. And you are a gardener, too. Such energy (and you teach wee ones).

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