“Hurry up! Your boyfriend’s on!” #SOL20 #joysof2020 #teachwrite

“Hurry up! Your boyfriend’s on!” my husband called out to me last evening? I had stepped away from the TV to get something to nibble on, so I hurried back in. Who is he referring to you ask? Why the adorable and insanely talented Will Kirk on Netflix’s The Repair Shop, that’s who!

Late last spring we ZOOMed with some good friends and one of the things we talked about was what we had discovered on TV that we hadn’t known about before. We have a mutual love of antiques, so The Repair Shop is now a fan fave in our house. Filmed in the UK, and staffed with the most charming and ridiculously talented master craftspeople, the show features three treasures each episode that are in desperate need of some TLC and have a wonderful story connected to them. (Grab the hankies!) There are restorers of porcelain, paintings, clocks, furniture, and even teddy bears!

Will, or “my boyfriend,” as my husband refers to him, is a furniture restorer-extraordinaire with talent beyond his years. The magic and miracles that he — and yes, all the others — makes happen in that workshop is beyond belief. A new season was just released last week, so don’t miss it. It’s vacation week binge-worthy!

What have you been binging on TV?

7 thoughts on ““Hurry up! Your boyfriend’s on!” #SOL20 #joysof2020 #teachwrite

  1. Christie, it is so good to see you in my favorite spots again. When will you return to Poetry Friday? Thanks for the tip on the show. I will definitely find that show to watch since I am an antique lover. Happy Holidays.


  2. Binge watching seems to be the 2020 thing to do. I look forward to a few weeks off to binge watch Christmas movies. My daughters love watching HGTV, so they’d probably love this show.


  3. This sounds like a great series! I’ve been watching both the British and Canadian Bake Shows, as well as a particularly charming American spin-off, “Making It.” I’ll definitely have to check this one out, though!


  4. Your show sounds like they combined The Great British Bake Off & Fixer Upper. This sounds like my kind of show!

    I, however, have been on a Law & Order: SVU kick. Currently I’m up to season 6.


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