This Writing Thing Is Addicting…And Fun! #SOL17

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So slicing (and writing, for that matter!) is new for me. Of course I’ve written things — I was an English major after all — but this is different. This time it’s me writing about what I want to write about and in the form I choose. And I can share it with the world or not.

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It’s a little bit scary each time I hit the “publish” button, but it’s a good scary. And I’ve “met” the most wonderfully supportive readers and writers. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and smile each time a message tells me someone “liked” a post. And of course reading all of your slices and commenting is fun, too. You’ve all given me great ideas and some of you have even made me cry with some of your reflections.

As I mentioned in a previous slice, my favorite time of day is Writer’s Workshop and beginning with 10 minutes of “no teacher help,” so my Instructional Aide and I can join in the writing fun. All right…I confess that I actually set the timer on my iPad for 15 minutes today, but my Kindergarteners were none the wiser, were super independent, and I was able to draft most of this slice! It felt so wonderful and empowering to be working on something that had great meaning to me rather than me writing a short story or “how to book” because they were. The tables are turned! I love how my students sneak peeks at me when I join their table to write. They don’t think I notice them, but I do. 🙂

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When I decided to slice this year, I started out thinking I’d just push myself to do the SOLC this year and that would be the end of it. However, I’m feeling that it would be fun to keep going with the weekly SOL posts throughout the year on Tuesdays. Hey! The latest research says it takes about 66 days to make something habitual, so the way I see it, I’d be halfway there.

This post is part of the annual month-long Slice of Life writing challenge organized by Two Writing Teachers. Join us! It’s my first time slicing and apparently I’m an “Early Morning Slicer,” too!


11 thoughts on “This Writing Thing Is Addicting…And Fun! #SOL17

  1. I’m a first-time slicer too. A librarian challenged by a teacher to participate. I’m not sure what I expected, but I’m finding it surprisingly enjoyable. I’ve enjoyed following your posts. I’d love to see your Kindergarteners at work!

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  2. I am a first time slicer too! I am not sure if it is fun yet tho….LOL. I do enjoy writing about whatever I want and also hesitate before pressing publish! I love you 10 minutes workshop time, no teacher help!

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  3. I like your positive post. I too am a first time slicer and am not always finding it easy. But I do get excited when I see the blog posts growing on my site.
    Love the independent writing time you’ve built into your writer’s workshop – Kindergartners no less!

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  4. I hope that you do continue to blog after the end of the month! I have really enjoyed your slices! I also love having the power to determine whether a post remains a draft or if it actually becomes a published post.

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    1. Thanks. This really is a lot of fun. Having fun reading yours, too. With a username like “wahooteacher” I’m guessing you have a connection to UVA? I fell in love with the campus and Charlottesville during a trip there 15 years or so ago when my husband was presenting at a conference. Would love to go back!


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