Snow Again? #SOL17

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 6.55.14 AM

It’s Friday. It’s been a long week. All week long we’ve heard more snow is coming. How can that be? Just two weeks ago it was 70.

Driving home last night I could see the squiggly lines of “secret sauce” one town sprays on their roads before a snowfall. I love that “secret sauce.” It works so well, but do I really want to know what it is? Driving to work this morning trucks are depositing sparkling crystals of chemical concoctions to keep us safe on today’s journey. Liquids and solids prepared to do battle with the elements.

Hooray! I made it to school. Nothing yet. Classroom lights on. Oh, here it comes.

The joys of March in New England. It’s a roller coaster of a month.



14 thoughts on “Snow Again? #SOL17

  1. I’ll say it is a roller coaster of a month–of a winter really. Here in PA the snow just started, but the ground is still warm and we don’t expect any accumulation. My husband wants to take credit for the lack of appreciable snow fall this winter. He bought a brand new snow blower at the beginning of the season!

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  2. This really is turning out to be an unusual winter. I heard the township trucks prepping the roads in front of our hose last night. Woke up this morning to find my sprouting daffodils buried in snow. Let’s hear it for March.

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  3. March is a rollercoaster month with weather, isn’t it? Yesterday it was 63 degrees here in Central PA. Right now there are big, fat flakes falling outside my home office window. It’s amazing what a difference a day makes!

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