The Greens of Spring #PoetryFriday

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone! Brenda Harsham is hosting this week’s celebration on Friendly Fairy Tales and I’m joining in the fun by jumping in to the not-so-way-back time machine for today’s offerings. I’m resting up a bit from participating in Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s amazingly fun “1 Subject 30 Ways” project. Having written 30 poems related to vernal pools over the last month, I’m filling my creative well back up again and luxuriating in daily scribbles in my writer’s notebook with no agenda, no deadline.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 7.22.24 AM

I also had the enormous pleasure of participating in this year’s Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem in April, contributing line 18 to our gorgeously collaborative work, “Poet’s Jasmine, Blooming Lovely.” If you haven’t met our sweet Jas yet, I hope you’ll stop by Live Your Poem, where the project’s organizer, Irene Latham, will continue to care for our young poet.

Spring has finally arrived in the northeast, and I think it’s here to stay. In just one short week filled with intense, unseasonably high temperatures, the world around us has come to life.

Green Tanka

This tanka from last spring feels appropriate for this week. The number of shades of green that appear each spring continues to amaze me.

Copy of Open for the season, cry the robin and red-winged blackbird Flags, banners, and bunting billow in the early spring breeze Earth_s springtime awakening beckons me, my senses No

Is there anything more cheerful then daffodils that greet you in the morning?


I hope you’ll join Brenda and the rest of us for some Poetry Friday fun!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.15.18 PM




9 thoughts on “The Greens of Spring #PoetryFriday

  1. Christie, Spring is a lovely addition this year but it too has to remain true to its season and not invite summer to take over. I remember these lovely image poems you offered to Springsations Gallery last year and look forward to what and the Kinders will create for this year’s global gallery, Sense-sational Spring. I read all about Poet’s Jasmine before I created the digital. Thanks for the great addition to the Progressive Poem.


  2. Although there are promises of spring in the snow drops that boom really early here, there is nothing like glimpsing that first daffodil to know for certain that winter will end!


  3. It does seem like spring unfurled in shades of green in a mere week, and the difference in the landscape is delightful and dramatic. Your poems are a wonderful celebration of spring’s arrival. I love the alliteration in the second one and the trumpeting daffodil heralding spring’s arrival and winter’s “final frosty blast.” Yay, spring!


  4. Everything is “open for the season” here, too. Yay! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier for the return of “earth’s vibrant palette!” Your poems are lovely, Christie!


  5. What lovely opening lines: “Open for the season, / cry the robin and red-winged blackbird.” Happy May to you!


  6. Beautiful tribute poems to spring Christie. I especially like the trumpeting second one, and the robins have definitely been out in force welcoming spring, thanks for all these welcoming spring signs!


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