Community Poem Part 2 #PoetryFriday

Welcome to Poetry Friday! I am delighted to play hostess for this week’s roundup, which comes to you live from Peaks Island in Casco Bay, Maine. We’ve been having the most exquisite sunsets, thanks in part to some beastly hot weather. Tonight’s, our last, is the grand finale! Wow, just wow!

All are welcome here at Poetry Friday — to read, to share, to comment.

In last week’s post, I shared the lovely Poetry Is community poem participants in my “Playing with Poetry” workshop in July contributed to. And guess what? I shared an invitation to add to our work and our poem has grown exponentially with poetry wisdom from some of you. Now it is a lovely patchwork of thoughts, ideas, and feelings about what poetry is to all of us. Thank you to those who joined us!

Poetry Is

Is it possible for poetry to be memory and discovery?
Come reader, I’ll take you to the sunspots that my mind is afraid of.
We’ll arrive at surprise itself and the journey will be worth it.

Poetry is the music of a whisper,
the shimmer of sun on a stream.

Poetry is our very best words
squeezed into tight spaces.
This is what causes the essential sparks.

Poetry is a particular pleasure,
a welcome word,
a heart sigh.

Poetry is indifferent to time or season,
and mostly requires the quiet.

Poetry is a doorway
a path, a conduit
to reading and writing.

Poetry is the releasing
of emotions, thoughts, hopes, and dreams
into the world.

Poetry is a sun note
opening day across a painted skyway,
a brushstroke of words illuminating a thought.

Poetry is playing with words,
our best friends,
in the sandbox.

Poetry is reaching into the depths–
an excavator of emotions
with gentle hands,
freeing anguish one time,
joy another.

Poetry is goose-bumpy wonder,
heart-piercing pain,
and shelter for seeker’s of solace.

Poetry is soul-feeding moments
of clarity, observation, memory,
reminders, connections, joy and more.

Poetry is music without a tune,
though when you know poems by heart
you can feel the symphony in your own body
when you recite, even silently to yourself.

Poetry is medicine
that heals and comforts,
cures loneliness, and brings friends.

Poetry is an unexpected delight,
like the first chocolatey bite
of an icy fudgsicle.

Even if you never meet the poet in person,
you feel a connection that makes you kin.

Their words linger longer.

Without poetry, what would we do?
It is as much a part of us as our fingers
and toes
and every cell of our being.

It is the air we need to live.

Poetry is a link to the past, a promise for the future,
a moment shared or stolen,
for those who pause to listen, to hear.

What exquisite thoughts from everyone! Many thanks to Michelle, Janet, Jone, Denise, Janice, Linda, Carol, and Alan for joining teacher poets Cherylann, Heather, Jonathan, Juliette, Kathy, and Marilyn. (Do let me know if I missed anyone!)

Thank you for joining us this lovely Poetry Friday. Click the link to join the roundup! And don’t miss Matt Forrest Esenwine’s post here. InLinkz is misbehaving for him!


59 thoughts on “Community Poem Part 2 #PoetryFriday

  1. Thanks for hosting this week. I’ll be in and out of the house getting two kids off to two colleges this weekend. Hamish and I teamed up to find some birds for you. How about a trip to Africa? That’s where the birds we found are from.

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  2. Christie ~ I love the community behind this poem. The line that struck me was: “you feel a connection that makes you kin.” That’s what poetry does for me most of all.

    Thank you so much for hosting this week!

    I posted a photo but InLinz couldn’t upload it. Oh, well.
    Here’s the link–which goes live Friday morning, titled 5 Pandemic Poems Just For You!


  3. Thanks so much for hosting, Christie, and sharing that gorgeous community poem! So many rich images – Sigh-worthy. I’m glad to be back in this week with some layered thoughts and a couple of old poems from two voices which still have traction.

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  4. So many great lines describing poetry. I like the idea of words squeezed so close together they cause sparks. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. The sunset on your post is unbelievable! Great photo.

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  5. It gives the warmth of a hug to read the special poem, words heartfelt, Christie. Thanks for hosting and for including mine. Wishing you a poetic weekend!

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  6. Christie, with wonder, a touch of sparkle, and a love for poetry, you created an amazing Poetry Is… Community poem. I am more than delighted to have a spot in this medley of thoughts that share a common goal: proclaiming the merits and characteristics of poetry for the ages. Thank you for hosting and suggesting such a fabulous topic. Enjoy the end-of-summer and consider offering your gorgeous sunset for my “Nurturing Our Summer Souls Gallery”.

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  7. Yes, without poetry, what would we do? Thank you, Christie, for patching the pieces together to make a whole beautiful poem of many voices speaking truth about poetry. These were lovely posts last week and this week. Thank you for hosting with flair today.

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  8. Wow, Christie, this poem is a wonderful community effort. So many lines ring true. Thanks for sharing it here today and also for hosting. I hope you enjoyed your time in Maine and are refreshed and ready to begin the year. What a glorious sunset for your last night!

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  9. Exquisite, indeed! I realized yesterday (too late) that I had forgotten to submit a line. Thank you to all who DID remember and to YOU for crafting their lines into this masterpiece. It is swoon-worthy! As is your sunset!!

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  10. Christie, you did difficult and graceful work putting all these together! I especially like your juxtaposition of the sandbox and the excavator stanzas, and medicine followed by fudgsicle. I forgot to send you a line, boohoo. Thanks for putting us all together to make those “essential sparks.”


  11. Thank you for hosting today, Christie, and for sharing all those breathtaking sunsets from Maine! This community poem is shimmers with the love that went into its creation. I was so busy Nana-ing last week that your call for line escaped me. The final stanza is my favorite. It is a great comfort to know that poetry is always there “for those who pause to listen and hear.”

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  12. Hi Christie! So fun to re-live our fun poetry sandbox fun! And thank you for the special way you bring out poetry in children and teachers. I’ve also enjoyed your stunning photos from Maine. See you soon!

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  13. I love all the images this community poem conjurs. With school starting up, I completely spaced sending you a line. Thank you for hosting this week. Your Maine sunset photo is beautiful!

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  14. What a lovely community poem! I love how the thoughts, while all different, really speak to what poetry is – for each of us! Thank you for hosting this week! Your sunset photo is beautiful – I love sunsets – especially over the water. Enjoy the end of summer!

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  15. What a poem! So nice to see the POETRY community coming together to create this, and it is truly amazing and wonderful to see how poetry me in so many different things to so many different people. thanks for hosting!


  16. Am only just catching up with the wonderful conclusion of your project Christie. The distilling of all these thoughts around poetry is something that can be readily shared with teachers and students to help in extending understanding broadening the concept of poetry. It was a pleasure to be part of this group poem; this global poem in fact. Well done!


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