Swap treasures in the mail! #PoetryFriday

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone! I’m back after a bit of a hiatus while the school year finished up. Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect is our hostess this week, and she’s showcasing some sweet summer souvenirs!


On the very first morning of my summer vacation from school, our mail carrier delivered a delightful package from poetry swap-mate Brenda Harsham, who blogs at Friendly Fairy Tales. It was bursting with color, ladybugs, and a friendship theme. What a way to begin the season!

the best friends appear when you need them like ladybugs — Brenda Harsham

I adore ladybugs (how did she know?), so I will treasure her creative offering. I also chuckled when I saw Brenda’s return address on the envelope and realized we live SO CLOSE to one another and I know exactly where she lives! Let’s meet some day, Brenda!

And then, a few days later, this arrived.

The True Definition of Vernal Pool
Vernal pools, could just as easily be called poke puddles, observation opportunities or wonders water. These pools typically fill when kindergarteners are indoors missing the outdoors due to seasonal weather. If you’re fortunate, Mrs. Wyman will bridge the gap between vernal pools and lessons with jackets, boots, journals, pencils and a wander plan. Hands will get muddy, wonders will arise, research will begin. Poems about frogs, leaves crustaceans and life cycles will be written. These pools will continue to lure insiders out-of-doors whenever there are learners near a Massachusetts woods and Mrs. Wyman to lead them. — Linda Mitchell

Wow. I’m not going to lie. This left me in a puddle of the-school-year-just-ended-and-I’m-a-bit-of-an-emotional-wreck tears. Some of you know of my fondness for vernal pools. Ok. Let’s be honest. It’s an obsession! I write about them often, in both poetry and prose. Linda Mitchell (we ARE going to meet IRL one day, Linda!), who blogs at A Word Edgewise, followed along faithfully during the month of April, as I wrote a poem a day about vernal pools as part of poet/author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s 1 Subject 30 Ways challenge. My journey began here.  Linda had never heard of vernal pools and…well… “poems are teachers,” as Amy’s book is so aptly titled. Now Linda knows all about them! And her card will be treasured along with Brenda’s.

Many thanks to Tabatha Yeatts, who brilliantly coordinated this summer poetry swap!


I hope you’ll join Tricia and the rest of us for some summer Poetry Friday fun here!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.15.18 PM




11 thoughts on “Swap treasures in the mail! #PoetryFriday

  1. Christie, your summer swap gifts are wonderful reminders of your deep love of nature and filling little kinders’ minds with the spirit of inquiry. Linda and Brenda are always full of surprises.

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  2. What nature inspired treasures you’ve been gifted–both poems speaking to your love of the natural world around you–What beats ladybug friendship and the magical wonders of a “vernal pool.” Enjoy, and thanks for sharing them!

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  3. What treasures you’ve received in this summer swap! Kudos to Brenda and Linda for their inspired summer swap offerings! Hope you’re enjoying your summer and hope to meet up IRL at Heinemann later this summer 🙂

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  4. I’ve been knee-deep in deadlines and health problems, but a little bird told me this was here, so I came looking. Finally. I’m so glad you like ladybugs. I agreed to the swap before the eye problem. Then I waited for it to go away (which it just won’t). But I had fun making my little scribbles, once I found the ladybugs. 🙂 I just needed a flittery, fluttery muse. Happy to meet for tea sometime. Always happy to meet another poet.


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